McLaren P1 GTR

Over twenty years after the McLaren F1 GTR launched, the P1 GTR drove off the production line and onto the track as the company’s best driver’s car built for the track.

Now, the first P1 GTR to be created is FOR SALE and it holds a secret: it’s street-legal.


”The name alone suggests how significant the car is - the first McLaren to use the GTR moniker was the McLaren F1 GTR that won the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours.”

— McLaren


Designed to be the world’s best driver’s car on the track, The P1 GTR #01 is now for sale and ready for the road thanks to its street-legal conversion kit from Lanzante. This means it's capable of driving on the street of the UK. McLaren increased the P1 GTR’s performance over the base P1 and pushed everything to the limit. The result is a modern marvel and future legend. But the real question is, Can You Handle It? 



Years have passed since the original McLaren F1 GTR was released. At the time, it was the world's best. Now, McLaren has passed the torch onto the P1 GTR without compromising heritage. A chance to own a car with such prestige does not come often, so don't let this one pass you by.


For decades, duPont REGISTRY has selected only the greatest automobiles as cover cars. Given this McLaren P1 GTR's prominence in automotive history, it more than deserves to be a coveted duPont REGISTRY Cover Car. What's more, now is the extremely rare chance to own this car that has graced the cover of duPont REGISTRY.